Welcome to the Finnish franchise market

Are you interested in bringing your franchise chain to Finland, but wondering how to do it? Let us help you with that. We have more than 20 years of experience in franchising and we cooperate with several chains operating in Finland. Where do you need our help?


We help companies find new franchise entrepreneurs and masters in a fresh and active way. We use digital tools and our customers are well visible on social media channels. We have well over 450 entrepreneur recruitments behind us for various franchise chains. In chain recruitment, we survey potential candidates, interview them and direct the most suitable ones to the chain. Since the chains have their own recruitment methods, we proceed according to the given instructions. We also help to consult in recruitment processes and their development.


We have a unique service to offer chains, where we actively search for a chain manager and masters franchising and also train him/her in the basics of franchising. The training is always tailored to the chains, because each recruit has a different background. Ask us more about this.

FRANCHISOR’S FINANCIAL CONSULTING SERVICE helps those who want to become entrepreneurs or masters in your chain to get business financing.

If you need more details or wish to set up a Google Meet please contact Mrs. Maisa Koivisto maisa.koivisto@viprot.fi or +358 (0)40 7565345